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"Elephant heaven"
Signed Limited Edition print
Published 1975
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"Elephant Heaven"
A day in the life of a jumbo is not complete without a good long drink and, ideally, this should be followed by a mud
'wallow'.When the stupefying heat of an African mid-day has begun to give way to the cool of the evening, whole families
of elephants can be seen making their leisurely way to the nearest water.After the drinking is over, then playtime begins.
Nothing more satisfying to a hot jumbo than a cool mudbath. Youngsters wallow, slide and cavort, standing on their heads,
lying on their sides and generally getting into anatomically impossible positions.
But there is a practical side to all this too-it is nature's way of keeping the thick folds of an elephant's skin free from
ticks and parasites.
The mudbath is often followed by a visit to the dustbath-dusting down with cool, dry earthis the equivalent of talcum powder
to an elephant.
The whole process may take upto an hour or so and is the time for relaxation before the jumbos get on with the more serious
business of feeding throughout the African night.

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